Theme and Subthemes

Our main theme is:


Sub theme 1: Aerosol and Atmospheric Pollutants
All studies related to aerosol, particulates and other atmospheric pollutants, including transport of pollutants

Sub theme 2: Air Quality Health Impact
Air pollutants possess health impact both acute and chronic. Due to its characteristic many people are still skeptics about it. This session is expected to tackle this issue and discuss ways to promote societies awareness to reduce  emission

Sub theme 3: Air Quality Monitoring, Policy, and Management
Air quality management is essential whenever we now deal with massive economic growth which leads to more emission to atmosphere. In order to identify emission issues, a monitoring system should be put in place. There is a recent development in the monitoring air pollutants and we wish this conference capture recent technology that are under development

Sub theme 4: Instrumentation, Measurement and Technology 
This sub theme discusses technology and instrumentation related but not limited to air pollution control and monitoring

Sub theme 5: Indoor Air Quality
We spend more time indoor and changes in urban which promote more vertical building impact to the way we live and interact with pollutant. Many aspects are of concern related to indoor and hopefully the discussion in this conference would help emerging new ideas on how to minimize health impacts to due indoor pollutants

Sub theme 6: Nanoparticle and Nanotechnology
The use of nanoparticle has been trending lately. For instances the incorporation of photocatalyst in filter and concreted to degrade pollutants. Its development is big and therefore we hope to get more ideas of what this aspect has been used in air pollution control

Sub theme 7: Sustainable Research and Climate Change
Climate change affect every aspect in the world, especially people who live in remote and/or fragile environment. People with lack of infrastructure and education access suffer the most and all of us will face health impacts. We hope that recent fact and research reveals what is going on and report adaptation and mitigation strategies that can be implemented efficiently and effectively

Sub theme 8: Other Topics Related to Aerosol and Air Quality
All other discussion and findings about aerosol and air quality are highly expected